Any veteran cosmetologist will tell you that there’s a lot more to the job than just evenly cutting hair or perfectly applying makeup. The responsibility of getting clients (and keeping them), providing excellent service and keeping up with trends falls on the cosmetologist.

Cosmetology schools give their pupils the necessary tools and education to succeed in a salon, but it’s up to the students to actively use that guidance once they are in the workplace. While what constitutes as “good” when it comes to cosmetology isn’t cut and dry, this list of three qualities captures the essence of a successful cosmetologist:

  1. Customer-service oriented

In the service-oriented industry of cosmetology, stylists and artists have to be people pleasers. Have you ever noticed how hair stylists just naturally keep the conversation rolling? That’s because most are innate extroverts who love meeting new people. With that type of outgoing person cutting their hair, clients can’t help but chit chat from shampoo to blow-dry.

People take a lot of pride in their appearance; that’s what runs the salon business. So when a stylist takes the shears to their hair or tweezers to their eyebrows, he or she must understand that the client is giving out some serious trust. It’s up to the cosmetologist, then, to put the clients at ease and reassure them that they are in good hands. Practicing good customer-service skills will build strong relationships of trust and loyalty that keep clients coming back.

  1. Adaptability

Beauty salons should not only know what the hottest trends in style and fashion are, but cosmetologists should also be able to provide that look for the customer. Trends in this industry can change at the drop of a hat, and a good cosmetologist knows this. Stylists can stay current on latest looks by keeping up to date with top fashion magazines and celebrity news.

  1. Business savvy

The career path of a cosmetologist lays mainly in his or her own hands. In fact, cosmetologists’ personalities and skills are the most useful business tools to keep them thriving in this industry. Organization is one of those business skills that makes cosmetologists successful. They need to keep track of all the services performed on clients and what products or hair colors were used. That way, if the client absolutely loved the style they left with last time, the cosmetologist will know how to deliver exactly what they want every time they enter the doors of the salon.

Cosmetologists must also take initiative in order to build their clientele. Stylists can’t be afraid to suggest scheduling a follow-up appointment or reaching for a wider customer base. They have to  use all platforms of social media, store signage, word of mouth and whatever other marketing technique you can imagine to make themselves known. Also, when clients love their haircut or makeup, they’re often happy to give out a referral; they just might need a little encouragement from the stylist.

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