How often are boxes released?

Our luxury boxes are sent to our members within the first two weeks of each month.

How many samples are included in a box?

All of our boxes contain five to six deluxe-size samples, corresponding to Skincare, Body Care, Haircare, Make-up, Fragrance and Lifestyle categories. We won’t reveal our selection of deluxe-size samples until the box has been released, as we want our Beauty Box to come as a surprise to you every month!

Which brands do you work with?

We work with a mixture of new and established luxury brands, both national and international. Since we do not want to disappoint our members, we select the most inspiring brands. We hope that in doing so, we can continue to offer a wide range of high quality products. For a full list of brands, check our Brands page.

Will I get my money’s worth with Boudoir Privé?

The products we offer are curated, tried and reviewed by our beauty experts, such as make-up artist Jay Pinxie Turnbull, who help us select the right products for you. We can therefore assure you that all products are of high standard. If, however, we fail to meet your requirements, we guarantee that you will receive all refunds due to you wherever appropriate.

How can I know whether your products will suit my beauty needs and skin type?

We carefully select products suitable for all types of skin and which we think will satisfy as many of our members as possible. We know we cannot satisfy all of our members with every sample, as everyone has individual preferences; however, we are working on developing this possibility for our upcoming boxes.

What types of products do you sell in your Online Store?

The products available in our Online Store are full-size products of samples previously featured in our luxury boxes. We also offer a number of other full-size products from the same brands.

How can I become a member of Boudoir Privé?

If you would like to join us and benefit from all our member-exclusive services, you must create a free account by visiting our Sign Up For Membership page. If you wish to receive our monthly boxes, you must subscribe to them as such will not be done automatically. Subscriptions are priced at £10.00 per month and can be cancelled anytime.

Am I guaranteed to receive my box every month?

We aim to offer a satisfying service to all our members. As long as your subscription is valid and your contact details are updated regularly, you will receive your box in due time. If you have experienced an issue in relation to this, please contact us.

Is it possible to order previous boxes?

Boxes are only available the month during which they are released, which means that it is not possible for you to order previous boxes. You can check our Online Store for full-size versions of the product samples offered in all of our previously released boxes.

How many boxes can I order with one account?

You are free to create as many monthly subscriptions to our Beauty Boxes as you want!

How do I cancel my subscription to the Boudoir Privé boxes?

To cancel your subscription, log into your Boudoir Privé account, click on “My Account”, then “My Subscriptions”. You should see a summary of your subscription. Click on “Edit” next to your subscription. Next, click “Cancel subscription” and click “OK” to confirm that you want to cancel your subscription. If you are not satisfied with your Beauty Box, you can be refunded for the current month if you send it back to us within 14 days.

What methods of payment are available?

We currently accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards, Visa debit cards (Visa Delta, Visa Electron, Visa Debit), Solo.

How do I know when and whether my payment has been confirmed?

We will notify you by e-mail once your payment has been received, and will keep you informed regularly of further updates.

What countries does Boudoir Privé currently ship to?

Currently, we only ship within the United Kingdom. Check back for updates, or contact us if you’re interested in seeing us in your country.

How much will I pay for postage?

The delivery of our boxes is absolutely free, as prices for postage are already included in the monthly £10 subscription fee.

How do I know when my box has been shipped?

Once your box has been shipped, you will be informed by e-mail.

What is your return & refund policy?

The products we send to each of our members are always checked and handled with care. However, we apologize if you are not satisfied with our service. We will be happy to refund your box, as long as it is sent back us to within 14 days. We will also perform a refund if you have not received your order within 14 days. If you are experiencing problems, please contact us and we will sort them out together.

All boxes must be sent back to our London office. Boxes must be in an acceptable condition, complete with original, unused and unopened samples as well as other components contained in the box upon delivery. Please note that depending on the situation, your order may be unsuitable for refund.

How can I subscribe to your newsletter?

Our newsletter provides subscribers with important updates and is a reliable source of information, whether you’re already a member or are interested in joining us. Once you become a Boudoir Privé member, you are automatically subscribed to our newsletter.

How do I purchase products online?

All products are available for purchase in our Online Store. To purchase products, simply follow the instructions found on the Online Store page. Note that you are not required to own an account in order to purchase products from our store.

What can I do with my Boudoir Privé account?

Creating an account means that you are becoming a member of our community, and is necessary in order to fully benefit from our services. This procedure is free of charge, and will enable you to subscribe to our monthly boxes as well as obtain access to member-exclusive offers. You are not required to own an account in order to purchase products from our Online Store.

How do I edit my account information?

To edit your account information, please log in to the website and visit the My Account page. Please remember to always keep your contact details up-to-date, in order to avoid complications.

How and where can I offer my feedback?

We are dedicated to providing our members with a trusted service. We believe that feedback from our members is invaluable for us to better respond to your beauty needs. Contact us to send us your feedback.

How can I recommend a brand I would like to see in your upcoming boxes?

We are always looking out for ideal luxury brands which satisfy our members and correspond to the Boudoir Privé style, and therefore appreciate all recommendations. Before making a recommendation, check the list of brands we already work with on our Brands page. We cannot guarantee a partnership with every brand, but will consider your suggestion.

I’m interested in working with Boudoir Privé. Are you hiring?

We are not currently hiring, but you can send us your CV and covering letter for future reference. Check back regularly for further information.

Do you accept contributors for your blog?

At the present time, we are not looking for blog contributors. Check back regularly for further information, or visit our Blog for the latest information.

I am a brand owner and am interested in collaborating with Boudoir Privé. What procedure should I follow?

We are always looking out for the finest luxury brands in order to provide our members with the best possible service. We are always ready to welcome brands that meet our selective criteria, so if you believe your brand corresponds to our philosophy and style, please contact us and we will be in touch.

How can I get in touch with Boudoir Privé

Our contact details are as follows.

Boudoir Privé
J105 Tower Bridge Business Complex
100 Clements Road
SE16 4DG

Tel.: 02031 376 174


Alternatively, you can also visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for further information and queries.